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One of the most popular sites on the internet is Craigslist.  You can find almost anything on there, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.  If you move to the Republic of Korea, you may be tempted to look on Craigslist for some used furniture or other items at a discount.  But you may be able to use Craigslist for other searches as well.  Let’s look at a couple of reasons why Craigslist may be your best friend before you move to South Korea.

 Job Search

If you want to move to Korea, finding a job is a must.  The problem is that many job sites for Korea specialize in teaching only.  It can be hard to find a non teaching job that is advertised in English.  However, with Craigslist, you can search by different categories to make your job search easier.  You can type in keywords, search in certain areas and even look at a map to see exactly where the job is located.  You can also use Craigslist to send an email anonymously to a potential employer as well.

Advertise Yourself

In the resume section, you can post an ad to advertise yourself to potential employers.  You won’t give all of your personal information, but you can give enough details to snag the interest of a hiring manager.  You never know who will be searching this section, so make sure your post looks as good as possible.  You may also want to try and time your post to be towards the top when Monday morning comes around, or any other day of the week when you feel someone may be looking through it for a new employee.

Apartment Cost

When making a budget, you’ll have to know how much you will have to pay in rent each month.  You’ll also need to know how long it may take you to get to work, as well as what options are available to you for getting to work.  This is where Craigslist can be very helpful.  You can check out how much key money, security deposit, you will need, as well as how much per month you’ll pay in rent.  Rent cost can vary by location, as well as by how close an apartment is to a subway station or bus stop.  If you don’t have enough money for your key money, you can start to save up now.  Also, you can see pictures of what the apartment looks like, so you will not be too surprised when you go there for the first time.  Many apartment ads will have a map, or will talk about what is near by as far as transportation, food or shopping.

While Craigslist is not perfect, you can use it to find some beneficial information.  As with everything, you’ll need to be careful about what you see and how much information you give out.  But if you are smart, Craigslist can be a very valuable tool.   I hope this post was helpful to you.  And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to #askthewaygookin.