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This is a first in a series of post about different YouTube channels that have information about South Korea and Korean culture.  Many of these channels have websites where you can see information and blog post as well.  The first one I will review is called Sweet and Tasty TV.  While the name does make me hungry, the channel is very interesting and unique.


The older videos on this channel are hosted by Professor Oh.  Although she may not be an actual professor, she might as well be one.  The early videos had a host of different characters from Billy Jin to Granny Kim, all played by the same person.  Korean words were spelled out in Korean script, as well as in Romanized form for those who can’t read Korean.  The characters would talk about various forms of Korean culture, give vocabulary words that would be good to remember and even gave out sample sentences that would be useful for Korean students.  It is both an educational and fun way to learn Korean.

Current Videos

The more recent videos do not feature the characters like they used to, but are still fun and adventurous.  Professor Oh does a number of videos about things to see, do and eat while in Korea.  Some of the places visited would be difficult to discover for most tourist to the Republic of Korea, since they are not always the most touristy places to go.  Nonetheless, the videos are very informative and would be great to review before flying to South Korea.

Overall Recommendation

If you have questions about Korean culture, want to pick up on some key words, or are looking for a place to see for your next Korean adventure, I would highly recommend this channel to you.  Professor Oh offers a fun and modern approach to learning Korean language, history and culture that I think you will enjoy.   You can join the more than 300,000 subscribers of her  YouTube channel, or you can go to her website www.sweetandtastytv.com.

If you know of any other channels that you think I should review, please feel free to #askthewaygookin.