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So far, I have posted articles about work visas for Korea, why a Korean company may not hire you, why Craigslist can be both a good option and a bad option when searching for a job and some red flags to watch out for.  But what are some good ways to find a job in Korea?  What can one do differently that may make their job search more successful?  Let’s look at a few areas that could prove beneficial.

Looking Online

Many people look online for a new job.  This way is the cheapest and easiest way to find work.  The hardest part for many is that many job boards primarily focus on people looking to teach English in Korea.  But if you Google enough, you can find some job boards that focus more on professional careers.  Also, some companies have jobs posted on their website that you may not find anywhere else.  You can sign up for email alerts and set up a profile to make applying for a job with that company go faster.

Job Agencies

You can register with a job agencies in your area and ask them if they have any offices in Korea.  One agency that does have an office in Korea is Adecco.  You will need to contact the Adecco office in your area for more information about international job placement.

Companies That Do Business In Korea 

There are a number of international companies that do business inside of Korea.  Because of this, and the growing number of tourist, you may be able to work for them and transfer over to Korea.  This includes financial companies, airlines and hotels, to name a few.  You can check with these companies and see what process they use to hire workers.  You may have to work for this company for a while, but you would also probably be one of the first to know when they have new openings coming up.

Visit Korea

This is the most fun, and most expensive option.  Visiting Korea does not mean that you have a better chance at landing a job.  However, you may have the opportunity to meet with someone face to face and demonstrate your why you are the perfect candidate.  If you are going to do this option, make sure you dress in a professional and conservative manner.  If possible, have your resume in Korean when you go.  But be honest about your level of Korean and your visa status.

If one method of a job search is not working for you, you can try to using another method to see if you find better success.  While many people go to Korea to teach English, there are #waygookins that are in Korea with professional jobs.  Remember, you can’t get new a job unless you apply for.  Keep looking and keep your options open.  If you do, you may find yourself in a new career in Korea before you know it.