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For many years, questions about if Koreans are willing to date and marry someone who is not Korean has been one of the most popular questions asked of those who write or make videos about Korean culture.  But for some reason, the interest in this topic has increased recently.  This question is sometimes asked because of the statistic that around 97% of Koreans in Korea are born to couples where both parents are Korean.  But this question sometimes comes up also because of what is shown in Hollywood.

In short, many people point out that attractive Asian women are always shown in Hollywood as being with a White man, semi attractive Asian women are shown as being with a fellow Asian and less attractive or less desirable Asian women will be shown with a Black or Hispanic man. Asian men are often shown as being as being obsessed with White women.  (There was actually a website, that I will not promote in this post, that gave very specific examples of this happening.)  Add to this a recent viral video of a young Asian man explaining why he feels that Asian men aren’t attracted to Black women, and it makes people wonder if Asian, more specifically Korean,  people would really consider marrying someone who is Black or Hispanic.

The Simple Answer

The simple answer is that there are plenty of Korean people who would consider marrying a non Korean who is also not White.  And other people in Asian countries would do the same.  It is sad that the media portrays Korean people, and Asians in general, as being racist.  The stereotypes of Koreans only sticking to themselves and wanting to be White are not true.  It is actually very offensive to many Korean people that other people view them that way.  Korean culture, and Asian culture in general, is very welcoming to #waygookins.

If you know me, you know that I am basically an adopted Korean. (And Mexican, German and a few other ethnicities.)  Even though I don’t look Korean, despite my beautiful black hair, I am treated like any other Korean person by those who know me.  Even though I have darker skin, I was told over and over again by many women in Korea that they consider me to be very handsome.  A number of Korean people have wanted me to meet one of their female friends or a relative with hopes of me dating them.   I am walking proof that many of the negative stereotypes that people have about are false.

If you just want someone because they are Asian, or have a notion that a certain stereotype is true, than you cannot be mad that you can’t seem to find someone who is willing to be your experiment.  But if you truly love Korean culture, if you see a special Korean person as a special person who happens to be Korean, and if you can love a person for who they truly are and now for what you can make them become, than you can find a Korean person who will give you a chance.  It may not be the first Korean person you meet, but it can happen.  Don’t allow other people’s view of the world to be your view.

The truth is that many Koreans are happily married with #waygookins of all races and colors all of the world.  Just because you don’t see it on television or in a movie, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find it.  Just learn to be yourself and to allow others to be comfortable around you as well.  At the end of the day, people are people.  You can find a jerk in any race, shape, size, color or county in this world.  And you can find true  love in any race, shape, size color or country in this world.    Please don’t judge Korean people by the negative things you may hear about them.  If you are a good person and have the right motive, you too may find the love of your life in the form of a Korean person.