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This was an interesting question that came up the other day.  While this is not a question that I hear often, it is a question that has come up in the past.  The feeling is that to Korean women, money means more than love.  The main way you can impress a Korean women is to buy her expensive things and to let her know that money is no object.  But is this a true statement?  Let’s first look at where this question comes from.


Depending on you, the perception that Korean women are materialistic could come from the following places:

Korean men who complain about Korean women

Other Asian men who complain about Korean women

Non Asian men who complain about Korean women

Being around materialistic Korean women

Media showing Korean women being more impressed with money than anything else

The Model Minority theory

Being around wealthy Koreans, or those pretending to be wealthy

Korean dramas where a hansom, wealthy guy is everyone female character’s desire


Are there Korean women who care a lot about material things?  Yes. I’ve known Korean women who admitted that they fell in love with their husband once he bought them something expensive or took them to an expensive restaurant. I’ve been in areas where the most basic car I saw was a used BMW.  I’ve had friends that lived in areas where a BMW or Mercedes was viewed as a base model car, and that you had to get something more expensive to get not be looked down upon.  I knew one Korean woman who was happy that her friend left her husband because he wasn’t making enough money for her lifestyle.  And I’ve heard in some areas, if you have to ask how much something cost instead of just pulling out your credit card, you don’t belong there and women will leave you alone..  The truth is that there are some Korean women who are easily impressed with material things.  But this does not mean that all Korean women are this way.

Just like women in other ethnic groups, most Korean women care more about how they will be treated than what you can buy them.  The truth is, many Korean women are educated, so they can get a job and buy their own things.  So just because you can buy a Korean women something expensive, it doesn’t mean that she will love you and want to be your friend or wife.

At the end of the day, Korean women are women.  There are good and bad women in every group.  So one should not judge a woman by what they have seen in the past. You could be missing out on a great friend or great wife by assuming that all the women of a particular ethnic group are the same.  But what are your thoughts?  Do you feel that most Korean women are materialistic?  If you are Korean, what do you feel about the materialistic label being given to Korean women?  Let me know in the comments down below.