This is a quick post about YouTubers and how many of them operate.  I have recommended some channels as being good ones if someone wants to learn more about Korean language and culture.  And I hope to do some more reviews in the future.  But one question that comes up is why do people ask for money and sponsors instead of just uploading videos for everyone’s enjoyment?   Some complain that once a YouTuber gets sponsored, the quality of the videos are worse.  There is usually a simple answer as to why this happens.

For Some, It’s a Job

For some people, they either have a business that they need YouTube for, or they are trying to get to that point.  While you can make vlogs using the equipment that you have, the ones that many feel are the best quality can require of money.  This would include money for new software, computers, lights, cameras, microphones and so on. For a full time YouTuber, equipment will need to be upgraded periodically.  The equipment used by some cost thousands of dollars, and a backup system is needed in the event that the main equipment goes down.   Also, some software programs now charge a yearly or monthly fee, meaning it will be a regular expense to operate.

Also, it can be challenging to make enough money to make ends meet when you work online.  Banks do not always understand what you are doing, so a loan can be hard to come by.  Money made by placing ads on videos are not always as much as people think.  This is complicated by the use of ad blocking software that cost the YouTuber money because they are not getting paid from the ad if it is blocked.  So while it may seem that things are fine, YouTube can be an expensive career that does not pay as much as one may think, especially if the channel does not have a lot of viewers.

How To Support Your Favorite Channel(s)

Subscribe: A big way to support a YouTuber is to subscribe to their channel.  Higher subscriber counts make it easier to get sponsors to invest into a YouTube channel.

Support Sponsors: You can also support people by supporting sponsors using affiliate links.  For example, if someone has a link to Amazon or eBay on their page, click it to go shopping there.  When you do, the price of the item remains the same; but the person gets a percentage of the purchase price for referring you to that site.

Disable Ad Blocking Software: Ads do not usually pay a lot of money.  But even if you click the link to skip the ad after 5 seconds, the channel you’re watching still gets paid.  So while it may be annoying to you to have those ads, think of how annoying it is to the channel to lose money because the ads were blocked.

Go Fund Me Accounts:  Some YouTubers have a specific need, such as needing a new camera or a new computer, that cost a lot of money.  So they may use a Go Fund Me page to try and get some money for what they need.  If so, you can give via this method and support your favorite channel.

Fan Funding:  On many YouTube channels, there is a fan funding link where you can give direct to the YouTuber.  Some give a one time donation, while others give a monthly donation to keep the channel alive.  Because this is set up directly through the channel, you can be sure that any money you give will go direct to the channel owner.

If you are looking to do a YouTube channel in the future, you may need to use these methods as well.  While it would be nice if YouTubers made more money and did not need to ask for sponsors or donations, the fact is every little bit helps.  It’s up to you if you give to your favorite channel(s) or not, but some of the methods mentioned do not cost you anything to show support.  By showing support, you will help to make sure that the content you love stays online for your entertainment.