One of the things that people ask about a lot is how they can learn Korean.  Everyone has different goals when it comes to learning Korean, so it can be hard to recommend an app or a website to use in general. With that being said, some apps can be more useful than others.  So a friend in Korea suggested I review an app from a company called Eggbun Education.  Their application is called Chat to Learn Korean.  There is a Chinese version of this app as well.  For those interested, this is a review of their Android app on a OnePlus 2 phone.  If you have an iPhone, there is a version of this app for iOS as well.


Design is a really big deal when making a language learning app.  For many people, the thought of learning Korean is scary.  But having a friendly design that is simple makes those fears go away.  This app has a clean look that is easy for children and adults to navigate through.  This is key because many people who speak multiple languages feel that if you follow simple instructions, you will learn faster.  This design is one of the best that I’ve seen in a Korean language learning app

Key Features

There are many key features in this app that I like.  For starters, Chat to Learn will teach you the Korean keyboard.  This is important so that you can type in Korean in the future.   If you do not have a Korean keyboard downloaded, you can get one in the app.   This is not taught in many other apps, so it should not be taken for granted.  If you know some Korean, but don’t know how to type in Korean, take advantage of this provision right away.

When you are learning how to type each character, you hear a native Korean  voice telling you how to pronounce the character properly.  A number of apps that I’ve seen do not have this feature, and it is a vital one.  Without hearing a native speaker pronounce each character, you can easily get confused as to how to say things properly.  The voice of the native speaker is very clear and easy to follow.  More apps should follow this approach.

Finally, the best feature to hereme is that Chat to Learn uses minimal romanization.  While many apps try to use romanization to teach you how to pronounce words, this actually hinders the progress of many people learning Korean.  The faster you can read actual Korean characters, the faster your Korean will progress. If you look at the top Korean to English dictionaries, they do not use romanization.  So keeping this out of your learning will only benefit you in the long run.

Overall Impressions

I did not know what to expect when I was first asked to review this app.  But I must be honest and admit that I am very impressed.  Eggbun has made a quality app that is easy to use and makes learning Korean simple for just about anyone.  The simple design and key features make this a must have app for anyone wanting to learn Korean. Eggbun made this app both fun and educational, meaning you will learn from it.  In the Google Play Store, Chat to Learn Korean is give 4.7 out of 5 stars.  I agree with this rating.  I highly recommend this app for anyone wanting to learn Korean.  To download this app in the Google Play Store, click here.  If you have an iOS device, you can download this app by clicking here.

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