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So yesterday, I saw a message online about a video involving a Korean woman.  She was considered to be creepy and obsessive.  How obsessive?  A guy said that he was afraid to date a Korean women because he was afraid of marrying someone who was obsessed with him. But are Korean women obsessed with their boyfriends and husbands.  Do you need to fear dating a Korean women?  Let’s examine why this may have happened.

Korean  Dating Style

In Korea, you don’t play hard to get or the games people play in America.  So it is considered natural that when you go on a first date, you call to check on the person right away.  You make sure they got home okay or woke up on time the next day.  You don’t wait a few days to call someone, pretending you’re too busy or have all of these other options.  You talk a lot at the beginning of a relationship.  Which makes sense if you are dating with the goal of seeing if you will marry the other person.  After all, married people need to talk everyday to keep their relationship going.  But if you are not dating with a view of getting married, or you want to play hard to get, this will probably be an aspect of Korean culture that will make you uncomfortable.  If you do come from that kind of environment, don’t worry.  There are a number of videos on YouTube of people who found this strange at first, but later got used to it.

Traditional View of Men

In talking to a friend of mine, she reminded me of the traditional view of Korean men.  According to many, the oldest son  was supposed to take care of his parents when they got older and got sick.  Hence, this son was spoiled and treated very well. To those of that generation, they taught their daughters to take very good care of a man.  Oddly enough, while this will scare some men off, other men fully expect an Asian woman to act this way.  For Asian women who don’t feel this view of men is necessary anymore, it is usually offensive for a man to act like she must behave this way.

What’s the Conclusion?

 The conclusion of this is that there is no conclusion.  The woman wasn’t there to defend herself, so I have no clue if she was really crazy or not.  And this conversation, between two guys, featured a guy who seemed very hurt and bitter.  He seemed like the kind of man who gets upset when reality sets in that he’s not God’s gift to women. But the real lesson is that one should probably understand a person’s background before bashing them.  When I told the other guy about Korean culture and how things usually are, he stopped bashing the young woman.  Understanding can go a long way in forming our opinion of someone or something.

So to answer the question that is the title of this blog, your odds of finding a crazy and obsessive women who’s is Korean is the same as finding a crazy and obsessive women in any culture.  There are good and bad people in all culture.  There are sane and crazy people in all cultures.  If you were going to stay away from someone because they may be crazy or obsessive, you would have no friends at all.  To have real friends, you have to take a chance to get to know people.  And to get married, you have to open your heart and take a chance to get to know someone as well.

Just because someone is of a certain race, ethnic group or has a certain skin color doesn’t mean they will act a certain way.  And at the end of the day, none of us are perfectly sane, and have no right to judge anyone else.  So don’t always assume the worse or that you know everything.  If you want someone to take a chance on you, be willing to take a chance on them.  Who knows, by taking the chance of a lifetime, you may just may find the love of a lifetime as well.