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So recently, I have been approached by a number of people about what is the best way to learn Korean.  If you are familiar with my blogs, you know that I feel that there are different ways to learn a language, and that you should be willing to try a different ways until you find what works for you. With that being said, I decided to review a site for those wishing to learn Korean via the use of a tutor.  The website is www.tutor-K.com.

Before going into this review, it should be noted that this review will not cover individual tutors and their methods.  The reason for this is because I have in the past been active as an English tutor on sites that have no affiliation with tutor-K.  Therefore, it would not be fair for me to base an opinion on if a site is useful or not based on how I would approach tutoring a student. It also wouldn’t be fair for me to tell you how an entire site is based on one interaction with one tutor.   As a result, this review will be based more on the site in general than a review of a single tutor.

Who Are the Tutors?

Who the tutors are and where they currently are is something I would suggest anyone look for in a tutoring site.  On tutor-K, the tutors are professional teachers, college students and people who have experience in tutoring business professionals in Korea.  This means there is a variety of people to teach you Korean on this site.  Also, the age of the tutors vary, so it is possible to find someone close to your age range to tutor you in Korean.  The other interesting thing that I found is that you can find tutors that also speak Japanese and Chinese on the site.  So if you are more comfortable in those languages, you can still learn Korean from this site. This is a complete approach that allows more people to learn about Korean language and culture.

Where Are the Tutors Currently Located?

For the tutors that I checked on, all of them were currently in The Republic of Korea.  To me, this is a huge deal and one factor I would consider before spending money on a tutoring site.  Why do I feel this way?  Afterall, thanks to the internet, you can tutor someone in a language from anywhere in the world.  This is a big deal because Korean is an evolving language, so changes happen all the time.  When these changes happen in Korean language, they will be used regularly in South Korea before they are used anywhere else in the world.  As a result, the tutors used by tutor-k will be able to recognize these changes and teach you Korean that is currently acceptable in South Korea.  Other Korean tutoring sites that do not use tutors that who are currently in Korea cannot compete with this.  You want to learn current Korean that you can use in Korea today.  Why spend time and money on learning outdated Korean?

Levels of Korean

Instead of teaching general Korean, lessons can be tailored around the student and their interest.  So you can start with entry level Korean, then go on to other other Korean levels of Korean.  But what if you already know some Korean?  You can chose to work your reading and grammar skills, or learn about Korean life before visiting or moving to Korea.  Want to work in Korea in the future?  There are tutors that offer business Korean lessons.   Want to impress your girlfriend with your increased knowledge of Korean Dramas or what’s going on in K-POP?  There is even a section for that as well.  Or if you are nervous using one on one tutoring, there are group session available for you.  You can become a well rounded student of Korean language and culture by using tutor-K.

The Verdict

It was easy to register with tutor-K, check the topics offered, search for a tutor that would meet what I was looking for and to check their availability. The menus for finding answers to frequently asked questions were easy to understand as well.  For me, tutor-K is a well organized site that is well rounded in offering anything a serious student of Korean would be looking for to gain help and confidence in their Korean skills.  Also, many teachers offer a free trial session so you can get acquainted with them and see who would be the best match for you before you spend your money.  In my opinion, tutor-K is worth the money if you are serious about learning or improving in your Korean.  Because of all that you can learn from this one site and how simple it is to navigate, I give tutor-K a 5 out of 5 star rating.  If I’m spending my money to learn Korean, I’m spending it with tutor-K.

Tutor-K did not offer any money or sponsorship with this review.  This reviews was written without contacting anyone at tutor-K before to let them know that a review was being written about their services.  For more information about their services, or to see what deals are available, please visit www.tutor-K.com.

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