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My last post was dealing with some of the  misconceptions that some Koreans have about Black people.  Some of those misconceptions are due to the media’s influence.  Others have been told negative things from other people visiting Korea.  But sadly, Black people have also been told many lies about Korean people.  Some are ridiculous, while others are just sad.  So we will now look at a few rumors that some Black people believe are true, and look at what the truth really is.

Rumor: All Koreans eat cats and dogs, along with other strange things.

Truth:  While some Koreans eat dog meat, that is not true for most Koreans.  Of the thousands of Korean people that I’ve met, less than 5 have ever had dog meat and they do not eat it anymore.  And I have never met anyone that eats cats.  I’ve never been to a Korean restaurant in the U.S. or in Korea that served dog or cat meat.  In fact, I’d have no clue where to look for that.  As for Korean eating weird or strange things, one could argue that hot dogs are the strangest food item in the world.  In some cultures, it is strange and offensive to eat beef.  Or in other cultures, eating meat of any kind is considered unnatural, as well as drinking milk from a cow.   The point?  What is strange to one person is normal and delicious to another.

Rumor: Korean women are gold diggers.

Truth:   Gold diggers can be found in any race, country or culture.  That being said, I personally have never met a Korean women from Korea who was a gold digger.  I have met plenty of Korean American women that were gold diggers, but not women who were actually raised in Korea.  In traditional Korean society, men worked and women stayed home and were busy with may things.  Also, it is more tradition that children take care of their parents when they get older and sicker.  Therefore, the couples ability to make money would be important to both parties and their families.  That being said, Korean women are willing to work hard both inside and outside of their home.  Not all Korean women want to be a stay at home wife, and many are well educated and successful.  At the end of the day, Korean culture is a romantic culture.  A Korean woman want to be loved and given attention just like any other woman.  Korean women are generally more concerned about how you will treat them than they are about how much money you make.

Rumor: Korean men do not like Black women.

Truth:  While many Black women have asked about if this is really true or not, I can tell you that I have met a number of Korean men who love Black women.  To them, Black women are intelligent, beautiful and loyal.  They don’t believe the negative things that are said about Black women, and some hope to marry a Black women.  If you want to see stories about Korean men who are happily married with Black women, you check out YouTube channels such as Mazelee and JheartsJ.  For more humors stories about Korean men approaching a Black women in Seoul, you can check out Kennie J.D.‘s channel.   For more serious stories, you can check out some of the interviews on Lily Petal’s World’s channel.  Does this mean that every Korean man wants to date a Black woman?  No.  But there are a number of Korean men who feel that Black women are the most beautiful women in the world, both inside and outside.

Like my post for the other day about misconceptions regarding Black people, there could be a part 2 of this post coming sooner rather than later.  Hopefully the more everyone can communicate with each other, the more everyone will see that many of the negative things they have heard are not true.  An open mind will take in more knowledge than a closed one.  And a open heart will receive more love than a closed one.  Keep an open mind and an open heart and you’ll find both truth and happiness.

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