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This is my latest YouTube review is about the channel Do Stuff.  The name may not be familiar to you, but the faces just might be.  Who are they?  What are the videos about?  Should you subscribe to their channel?  Let’s take a look.

Who Are They?

The faces behind, and in front of the camera, of Do Stuff are Leigh and Soo Zee.  They are friends, who do not live together, but have worked together for a while.  Leigh is American, while Soo Zee is Korean.  If those names sound familiar to you, it is because they are the same Leigh and Soo Zee from Eat Your Kimchi back when Simon and Martina lived in Seoul.  The genesis of their channel started with their segment on Eat Your Kimchi’s channel that was called Discussing Interesting Contemporary Korean Slang (D.I.C.K.S.).   Now Leigh and Soo Zee have their own YouTube channel and make their own videos on a regular basis.

What Are Their Videos About?

The videos on the Do Stuff channel do not seek to mimic what you would see on an Eat Your Kimchi, nor do they copy the D.I.C.K.S. format of videos.  These videos have Leigh and Soo Zee’s own take on things in Korea.  The videos are usually short, with many being under 5 minutes, which is perfect for someone who wants information that won’t take them 10-20 minutes to get.  The setting of most of their videos is Seoul, although they sometimes will venture off to other locations to film as well.  The real life friendship between the pair can be seen in that they will make fun of themselves and each other.  Their videos are fun to watch and do not come across as uptight or condescending like other channels are.

Should You Subscribe to Their Channel?

While the D.I.C.K.S. segments focused more on teaching Korean that you would hear in the street, Do Stuff focuses more on Korean life and Korean adventures.  Therefore, I would recommend this channel if you want to see how life is in Korea currently is.  Also, since their videos can give you a perspective from and Korean and a non Korean point of view, their videos may give a more balanced view on certain topics in Korea.  I like this channel a lot and have subscribed myself.  If you would like to subscribe to Do Stuff and see more of the adventures of Leigh and Soo Zee, you can do so by clicking here.  As always, if you have a channel you’d like for me to review, let me know in the comments down below.