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If you ask Korean Americans what is one thing you have to eat in Korea, it may hear that you should eat 치맥 (Chimaek).  But what is it?  치 is short for 치킨 (Chicken).  맥 is short for 맥주 (maekchu) meaning beer. So 치맥 is chicken and beer.  Why is it better in Korea?  Chickens in Korea usually do not have a bunch of antibiotic and hormones put into them.  This means the chicken is smaller, more natural, healthier and naturally juicy.  It’s never over fried or under cooked. Korean fried chicken somehow always turns out perfect.  Korean beer isn’t known as the best beer in the world.  (I know many Korean Americans that refuse to drink it.)  But it goes perfect with Korean fried chicken.  But most of all, it’s a dish that is perfect to share with friends.  Once you’ve had it in Korea, it won’t be the same anywhere else in the world.