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Some of you are aware that I upload a podcast to my YouTube channel.  (Please subscribe to the channel.)  Most of the time, I talk about things that deal with Korean/Korean American topics based on this very site.  However, I never really had a name for what I did.  I never knew what to call my podcast that could truly express what I feel and why I feel it.  But now I have a new title to go along with this podcast.  So I introduce to you the Seoul in my Soul podcast.

Where Did the Name Come From?

The name came on accident.  I was out to eat with some family members, including my #동생 (dongsang) 최태희.  Before our food came, we were talking about things that she does, including taking care of people younger than her like they are her 동생들, and trying to figure out why she does that.  That’s when I told her that she has “Seoul in her soul.”  We both chuckled and agreed that it was true. In reality, it is true for both of us.

What Does It Mean?

To have Seoul in your soul, it means that you are Korean in your heart, down deep in your soul.  You’re not trying to be Korean, you really are Korean.  The traditional values of Korean culture and society are ones that you naturally abide by.  You view people around you as your family members, you share the things that you have, you view all older people like they are your grandparents and you love a good meal with friends.  While Korean culture changes, your core values stay the same.

What’s the Format?

Just like the other podcast that I’ve done, Seoul in my Soul will be based on things pertaining to Korean/Korean American life and culture.  In other words, it will be Seoul/Korean centric.  I will still give my take on things, give tips that have helped me and answer questions you may have.  If you do have any questions, suggestions or feedback that you wish to give, you can email the podcast at seoulinmysoul@waygookinway.com.  I hope that you will like and share this podcast with others.  As always, stay tuned for what is to come.

To listen to the very first episode of Seoul in my Soul, click here.