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It’s been a while since I reviewed a YouTube channel, but I accidentally found one not to long ago that I thought had an interesting name.  At first, I was wondering if the name was a little racist, but after doing some digging, it is not.  So who are Slice and Rice, and who is this channel designed for?  Let’s take a look.

Meaning Behind the Name

Matt and Glory were looking for a name for their channel.  When brainstorming, Matt decided it may be a good idea to name themselves after their favorite foods.  The only thing is that pizza and rice did not go together well, so they decided to go with the name Slice and Rice.

What Makes Them Different

Slice and Rice are a real life couple, which makes them different than most of the YouTube couples you see, and they are Blasian.  (Matt, or Slice, being African American and Glory, or Rice, being Korean American.)  Their background gives them their own unique perspective that other YouTubers don’t have, and facing issues that other YouTube couples don’t deal with.  Their videos are very honest and come across as being real.  They also do not like to refer to their subscribers as fans, so they call them Ninjas.  (Ninjas were not Korean and they are both aware of this.)

Video Content

Both Slice and Rice are openly Christian, (many Koreans and Korean Americans are very much into Christianity if you weren’t aware) which is a theme that you will see in a number of their videos.  While they will do skits, challenges and live chats, they do tackle serious topics as well.  One of their most interesting videos had to deal with the topic of when Slice first came over for dinner at Rice’s house.  It breaks down the feelings of an African American man’s feelings about trying to learn the culture of his girlfriend, as well as the feelings of a Korean American woman dealing with the pressures of being judged by others who may not understand the love she has for her boyfriend.  For those looking to enter into such a relationship, this video may provide helpful insight.

Perhaps the most nicest video they ever did was a recent live stream that was for Rice’s best friend.  Her grandmother died and the family didn’t have enough money for the friend’s mom to travel back to Korea for the funeral.  So Slice and Rice decided to do a livestream to make people aware of the GoFundMe page that her friend had set up to try and raise money to send her mom back for the funeral.  During the livestream, they were able to raise enough money for the plane ticket back to Seoul.  This all happening despite the fact that the friend had never been in a video and was not known to hardly any of the people following the chat.  The chat not only raised money, but allowed her friend to get many messages of support from people all over the world.

This channel is not designed to teach one about Korean life and culture.  However, you can learn some Korean as Slice has the goal of learning enough Korean to ask for Rice’s hand in marriage from her parents.  Their journey is one that is entertaining and helpful to a number of people watching.  If you would like to follow them and see where they have been and where they are going, you can click here.  And as always, if you have any questions you an always #askthewaygookin.