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With the Korean summit now being over, many are wondering what the future will hold.  While only time will tell, here are a few answers to questions that many have.  These are points that were brought out on the broadcast of the summit from Korea.

Question: Is the Korean War now over?

Answer: No.  The peace treaty needed to end the war has not been signed.  Until it is signed, the war is still considered to be ongoing.

Question: Why end the war now?

Answer: This year marks 65 years since the treaty calling for a cease fire was signed.  It may be very symbolic to end it this year for that reason.

Question: Why did President Moon step over the boarder to North Korea when first meeting Chairman Kim at the boarder?

Answer: It was reported that after their handshake, President Moon asked when he could cross the boarder into North Korea.  In response, Chairman Kim was quoted as saying, “Why not now?”  It was at this moment that the two men stepped over the boarder into North Korea.

Question: North Korea will give up everything with no concession being given to it?

Answer: The main condition that the North said they wanted was security.  They have said that they will not need nuclear weapons if their security is guaranteed.  This makes it seem very possible that concessions were made to them, even though this will not be reported at this time by most media outlets.

Question: Will both Koreas need permission to officially end the war?

Answer: Both Koreas are sovereign nations that are recognized by the United Nations.  As a result, they are free to agree to a peace treaty without anyone else needing to approve it.  If it is decided that the United States needs to be involved in this process, China will likely be involved as well.

Question: The United States will dictate the future of both Koreas going forward?

Answer: Experts feel that if the points agreed to are kept, this will limit, if not eliminate the role of the United States in Korea affairs. It may also lead to questions about the role of the U.S. in East Asia going forward.

Question: Why was this so significant?

Answer: The Constitution of the Republic of Korea recognizes the entire Korean peninsula as its territory.  Therefore, the leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is not officially recognized by law.  To offer an official state visit of this magnitude is something that, to many, should not happen due to the way the constitution is written.

Question: Why is Kim Jong Un the first North Korean leader to step foot inside of South Korea?

Answer: The other Korean summits were held during his father’s leadership.  Because of fears for his safety, he never went to South Korea to meet with officials.

Question: Will the Korean leaders meet again?

Answer: They are scheduled to meet again in the Fall with President Moon visiting Chairman Kim in North Korea.

Question: Was Kim Jong Un aware of anything about South Korean life prior to this visit?

Answer: Yes.  It is said that he is a fan of Kpop girl groups, with Red Velvet being his favorite group.

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