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Over the past couple of years, I have written about a lot of topics on this site.  But out of everything I’ve talked about, three topics seem to be on the minds of my readers the most.  They are food, love and the relationships between Korean people and Black people.  In fact, I have views from some 21 different African nations on this site.  This has even lead to people from Africa contacting me to ask about how Koreans, and Asians in general, view Black people.  So this blends in with the question for today which is about the word Blasian.  This term is being used more and more frequently to describe people, but some are not sure what it means.  Let’s dig into this term and see how it applies in today’s society.


The simple answer is Blasian is a cross between Black and Asian.  This can describe a romantic relationship that has one person who is Black and one person who is Asian, or it can describe a person who has a Black parent and an Asian parent.  While this term is usually associated with a Black person from the United States, it can also refer to a relationship with someone who if from Africa or of Caribbean decent.

Why the Term Blasian?

Some people get confused at using hearing this term.  After all, you don’t have a special term for most other relationships or people who are considered biracial.  The use of this term signifies that there is an acceptance of the union of two distinct cultures.  Often times, society tries to make a person pick one race or country over the other.  However, those in Blasian relationships tend to want to celebrate both cultures that make up their beautiful union.  Also, they don’t want their children to feel pressure to identify with one culture over another.  Instead, they want their children to group up being proud of both sides of their family, and usually encourage the children to learn how to communicate with all of their relatives.

Why is the Term Blasian Becoming More Popular?

This is due to the internet being a forum where more and more couples can share their love story.  In the past, Hollywood, and other media outlets, have not felt the need to show Asian and Black couples because they did not feel this was “realistic”. However, Blasian couples are very real and continue to grow in number.  And not just in relationships where there is an Asian woman married to a Black man.  Now many Asian men are marrying Black women.  With places like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram seemingly on everyone’s phone, more and more Blasian couples are seeing that they are not alone, even if they live in an isolated area.  And even little Blasian children are starting to see faces that look like them online, on TV and in their neighborhood.

No matter how unrealistic people at the head of television and movie companies feel that Blasian couples and Blasian people are, the reality is very much different. Blasian couples are everywhere and Blasian children grow up to be very happy and successful people.  But since this is more of a site that deals with Korean people and issues, what about Blasian couples where the Asian spouse is Korean?  And what about people who are both Black and Korean?  Do Koreans and Korean Americans accept Blasian couples and their children?  Look for the answers in an upcoming post.