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I’ve had a number of things that I have been working on for a while, and some are still not complete as of now. But I do have an announcement to make. I’m finally going back to Korea next year!  I will be retracing my steps, as well as making new ones and new friends.  So what does this mean for this site?  It means there will be updates as far as my preparations, newer pictures of how things are in Korea and your opportunity to let me know what you want to know about Korea. It also means I will be looking for new things to try and new areas to visit. If you have any suggestions or have a business or product you’d like for me to review, be sure to email me or leave it in the comment section down below.

Some items will be updated here. But other content will be added via my YouTube channel and Twitter account.  So stay tuned for more adventure as I return to Korea once again.