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I’m back with another YouTube review. This time it is for a channel that you may not expect me to review based on the name of it. As you know, my content is usually Black and Korea centric. So doing a review of a channel with Japan in the title, especially given the standing of the relationship between Korea and Japan as I write this article, is something you may wonder about.

Why Review This Channel?

While my main intention for this site was to go over things that I thought that people in North America and Korea would read, it has become clear that people globally are reading this site. This includes a number of people from African countries, many African Americans and people who are of a Afro Caribbean background that are interested in Korea or Asia in general. So a site or YouTube channel that showcases information dealing with people of one of these backgrounds is something that I try to consider when deciding on a YouTube channel review.

What is the Content of This Channel?

Despite having the name Japan in the title, not all of the videos are about Japan. I would say that the channel’s content is based around the stories and experiences of Black people who are Asia in general. Therefore, you will find a number of videos of people giving their take on what it is like being a Black person in Korea. The reason the term Black is used instead of African American is because not all of the people featured in their videos are of African American heritage. Some of the people interviewed are from Africa or are of Afro European heritage. (To see a video that was conducted with someone of an Afro European background, click here.)This leads to a well rounded discussion about how people that are Black are treated in Korea and in other parts of Asia. It also is another reason why you won’t hear the same story every time there is an interview done on this channel.

Who Do I Recommend This Channel For?

If you are looking for general information on Korea, tips about traveling around Korea or how to pick up Korean women, this is not the channel for you. The reason I feel that a channel like this would be important to many who read my blog is because a number of my readers are Black and have a serious interest about Asia.

Truth be told, there are a lot of horror stories about how prejudice Asian people, especially Koreans, can be towards Black people. With this channel, a viewer can hear from the point of view of a Black person who is actually in Asia how things are. This can also be helpful for Asian people who are wondering how Black people view their country and/or culture after living in it. While the stories of some may not be as comforting as one would like, the stories of everyone on this channel are honest and authentic. If you are are a Black person nervous about yourself or a loved one going to Asia, or if you want to know the truth about how Black people are treated in Asia, this is a channel you should subscribe to.

To find out more, you can go to their YouTube channel, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or you can go to blackexjp.com. As always, let me know if there are any other YouTube channels you’d like for me to review. And if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to #askthewaygookin.