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Had to take a couple of minutes to acknowledge LG. Today, LG confirmed that they will exit the phone mobile business after 26 years in the marketplace. LG has had a unique history, with rumors that it was a popular brand in North Korea since people there allegedly didn’t know it was a South Korean brand. As someone who spent years selling phones, LG phones were some of my favorite to use. I always had a better user experience with LG phones than Samsung phones, and the build quality was top notch. While the first link will take you to LG’s statement in English, the second link will take you to a video posted by Arirang that states the mobile phone unit hasn’t made a profit in years.

At one point, LG was the 3rd largest phone maker behind Samsung and Apple. But the decision to keep competing with them instead of focusing on the growing midrange phone market seem to be the deathblow to the company’s phone division. LG will still be around, as they already make other products such as home appliances and smart technology. They will also be a player in the ever expanding electronic vehicle market, as well as in the deployment of 6G internet. While this move won’t likely have a massive impact on the overall phone marketplace, it’s still a sad thing to see a company that made a quality product deciding to no longer be an option for millions of people. It was a fun ride, and I’ll always be a fan of the phones LG made. For a certainty, it is truly an end of an era in the mobile phone business.