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The latest YouTube channel that I will review has been around since 2006.  It was formally known as Blasian Family Channel.  Now, it is known as Lily Petals World.  As you would guess, the owner of the channel is Lily.  Here story is very interesting and provides a perspective about life as a Korean that is not the norm for many people.  To listen to my review on YouTube, click here.


The channel is the story of Lily and James.  The couple met and fell in love in Korea.  They eventually married and now have two beautiful daughters.  What makes their story so unique?  It is because they are a Blasian couple.  If you are not aware, Blasian means Black and Asian.  James in from Kenya, so it is not a story of a Korean woman falling in love with an American soldier.  It is a love story that Western media would not show because they would call it “unrealistic.”  However, Blasian couples are one of the fastest growing groups in America.  More and more Blasian family stories have now been shared after Lily and James started documenting their life together on YouTube.

Korean Learning

While the channel does not offer traditional Korean learning like other channels, which you can find on Lily’s other channel, Lily Petals World does offer a look inside Korean culture that most other channels do not show.  Lily and James are very open about the challenges they have faced as a multicultural couple, including how Lily has been treated by fellow Koreans for marrying a Black man, as well as the comments that she gets from some Korean people who have watched her videos.  They also talk about their concerns with raising Blasian children in the United States, and making sure that their children understand and respect both cultures as they grow up.  By watching how Lily interacts with her daughters, you can learn some very important cultural lessons, and pick up some Korean as well.

Popular Videos

Some of the most popular videos on Lily Petals World have to do with dating.  Lily started her own dating show while in Korea, looking to set up perspective Blasian couples, and has interviewed a number of Korean women who tell their stories about dating Black men.  But she also has chronicled the relationships between Black women and Asian men, as well as of Black men who are dating Asian women who are not Korean.  Blasian dating is still somewhat controversial, but is something that many people are interested in.  Lily has also interviewed her mom about her reaction to her dating James, and has interviewed Blasian people about their life and experiences.


If you want to learn more about Korean culture, are looking to be in a Blasian relationship, or are in a Blasian relationship and are looking for support, I highly recommend you check out Lily Petals World.  The channel is family oriented and is very positive.  In many ways, Lily and James give a voice to many people who have had their life and love stories ignored by mainstream media, and shows that true love is truly colorblind.  To see their videos, you can click here.  Let me know what you think about Lily Petals World in the comments below.