My review this time is of someone who you may have first met from the Lily Petal’s Word channel.  The full name is Ms H 블라시안 세계 Ms H Blasian World.  This channel is different from any other channel I’ve seen in the YouTube Blasian community.  Here is a run down of what makes this channel so unique.


Ms H and Lily are friends, which is how she appeared on her channel. Ms H later decided to start her own YouTube channel and blog to talk about issues that are near to her and that she is asked about often.  She is happily married to a Black man who is referred to as The D in some of the early videos.

What Makes The Channel Unique

This channel is unique because The D doesn’t appear in many of the videos.  So it is a Blasian channel, but is mainly giving answers from a Korean woman’s point of view.  This can be very helpful for men looking to marry a Korean woman, or an Asian woman in general to understand feelings and culture better than they did before.  The other thing that makes this channel unique is the video style.  In a number of videos, Ms H will speak a sentence in both English and Korean.  This is done sentence by sentence, which makes it easier to understand her if you are Korean.

Would I Recommend This Channel?

If you are interested in Blasian relationships, are a Black man currently dating an Asian woman and want to know more from an Asian woman’s perspective or someone wanting to learn more Korean, I highly recommend this channel.  The English Korean sentence style will allow an intermediate to advance Korean student to pick up Korean sentence structure and vocabulary words faster since you will know what will be said in Korean soon.  You can easily go back and see if you can pick up more words in Korean after view her videos a few times.

As for those of you who are dating or married, Ms H gives her honest opinion on a number of topics and does respond to comments made by subscribers to her channel.  Also, because she grew up in Korea, she can help men who are having a hard time understanding how women raised in Asia think and feel since it will be different than how women raised in America feel.

If you would like to hear more about Ms H and see her content, click here for her YouTube channel, and click here to subscribe to her blog.  I’m sure you will enjoy and learn a lot by visiting Ms. H Blasian World.   If you know of any other Korean or Blasian sites you would like to see me review, leave a comment down below.