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Here is another YouTube channel that deals with Korean language and culture.  This channel is called Explore South Korea.  The owner of the channel is Paul, a Korean American who lives in Korea.  He started the channel to help others who don’t fully benefit from being around Korean culture due to the language barrier.  So how is he channel different than other channels on YouTube?  Would I recommend checking out his videos?  Let’s take a look.

Channel Overview

Like other channels, Explore South Korea deals with news items that pertain to South Korea.  Korean food and Korean restaurants also covered in videos.  This may be of interest to those who are looking to move to South Korea since many say that it is cheaper for a single person to eat out instead of cook everyday in Korea.  Paul also takes you on a tour of different areas of Seoul and teaches you the history of what you are looking at in the videos.  If you want to visit Korea, these videos may give you some suggestions of things to look for that you may not otherwise have known about.

Korean Lessons

The Korean language lessons on the channel are different in that they tend to focus on Korean slag more than other videos on other Korean channels.  Korean slang can be a controversial topic when learning Korean.  For some, learning slang is considered to be a negative thing since they want to learn proper Korean.  However, I have no problem with this approach.  Korean slang words are words you will hear in the streets in Korea.  This means the more you understand it, the more you will understand people in the Republic of Korea.  Also, you will be ahead of changes in the language if you learn some of the slang words you hear early on.  If you want to live in Korea, I recommend learning how to speak the way everyday Koreans speak to each other.

Also, sample sentences are used to help you see how the words are used.  The part I like most about these sentences is that there is no romanization of Korean.  It is just the Korean words written in the subtitles in Korean.  After the Korean sentences are given, the same sentences are given in English.  The section that follows shows the Korean word written on a chalkboard.  This way, you will learn the proper way of writing each character of the word.  This is good for those who want to improve their penmanship in Korean.

Overall Recomendation

Overall, I really like what I’m seeing on Explore South Korea.  The channel is new, so a follow up review may come in a few months.  But I highly recommend checking out this channel if you want to know more about Korean language and culture.  You can find out more by going to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.  As always, if you have a YouTube channel you would like to see me review, you can #askthewaygookin by emailing me at contact@waygookinway.com.