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A number of you who view my site have mentioned to me privately that you would be open to moving to Korea.  This is a great goal that I am working towards myself.  But sadly, there are many job scams that are out there.  I have previously posted about some red flags you would watch out for, but I wanted to get a little more specific about certain jobs that you may find promising at first, but could end up being scams.  While some of these jobs are real and could provide a good living in Korea, you should be aware of some of the scams these jobs can produce.

Teaching Jobs

Many move to Korea to teach English in schools.  People are attracted to these jobs because  they usually pay for your housing and plane ticket to Korea, saving lots of money.  However, some teaching jobs do not give the amount of vacation days that a person is supposed to have according to the law.  Some have been been accused of not putting aside the proper amount into government pension programs or other taxes as well.  Poor treatment in some schools are due to some schools feeling that you probably don’t know the law and what your rights are.  DON’T GET SCAMMED. Know your rights.  There are groups on Facebook about what recruiters you can use and what some schools do so  you won’t be scammed.  With some careful searching, you can avoid being pressured into giving up the rights you have earned.

Skincare Jobs

There are many ads about new skincare lines that are looking to launch in South Korea.  They may talk about how well they are received in other countries.  But some of these companies are not always on the up and up.  DON’T GET SCAMMED.   Ask plenty of questions.  Some of these companies do not fully understand or know about Korean employment laws, or laws about entering the country for work legally.  Because they are newer companies, they may not be able to legally hire you.  This means you could face deportation or other legal issues if they did not hire you properly.  You may want to study up on work visas for Korea before agreeing to accepting a job with a new skincare line in Korea.

Language Jobs

There are a number of language jobs that are offered online in Korea that one would think that the companies cannot keep up with the demand for English language work in Korea.  These companies may seem like they are on the up and up, but sadly some are not.  DON’T GET SCAMMED.  Some companies have told potential employees to “let us know when you are in Korea.  Then we can hire you.”  Some have thought this meant that they can simply move to Korea and work for these companies without a proper visa.  This would be highly illegal and could result in deportation.  Even if you are told this, the company can deny making the offer.  It would be your word versus the Korean companies word.  If you want an indication of how legit a language company could be, look at how often they post for an opening, and where they post the opening.  If a company post a job opening many times, or they post it in an odd place, they may not be the most legit company.

The point of this post is not to bash all Korean companies.  But it is necessary to warn people that there are some scammers out there.  Because of such scammers, many have been cheated out of a lot of money, or have gotten into a lot of trouble.  Remember that you are the person in control of any job negations, not the company.  If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.  But if you educate yourself on what the laws are, and about what your rights are, you are less likely to get scammed by a dishonest business in Korea.